Bakaliko Crete

Cooking classes

Cooking classes & our mission

BAKALIKO’S mission is to promote local products and show how they can be used n both traditional Cretan cuisine and in more innovative ways, fusing with other Mediterranean influences. Since we are both a fine food gourmet grocery and a restaurant, we can offer a complete gastronomic experience from start to finish.

We welcome you with fresh juice, coffee, mountain tea and local breakfast snack, along with an introductory discussion about the cuisine of Crete, the Mediterranean diet and the products of this bountiful island.  At about 11:15, the hands-on cooking class with one of the owners of BAKALIKO will begin with the following signature recipes (BAKALIKO’S interpretations of Cretan/Greek specialties):

Following your cooking class, you will have the chance to enjoy the epic feast you have created complemented by local wines and olive oils.

    • Duration: 3.5 hours (10:30 – 14:00)
    • Participants: Minimum: 2 / Maximum: 8
    • Price: 2-4 persons: 65,00 € per person
    • 5-8 persons: 50,00 € per person

Package includes:

  • Welco;e coffee/morning snack
  • Cooking class
  • Lunch with wine tasting
  • Recipe postcard

signature recipes (BAKALIKO’S interpretations of Cretan/Greek specialties):

  • Vine leafs stuffed with Bulgur or Olive fritters
  • Lemon-Mint Tzatziki
  • Dakos Salad
  • Chicken with Olives and Raisins or Bakaliko Mousaka
  • Myzithra Yoghurt Mousse with local marmalade or Orange phyllo syrup Cake