“Adventure” in the nature

Adventure in the nature

We got the opportunity (because we are unfortunately not busy these days in the shop) to go out in the nature and discover our beautiful suroundings again. (Archanes-Crete-Greece)

We are looking for new ways to introduce our wine and Olive Oil region to our guests with alternative ways: By hiking-walking or cycling.

So yesterday George and Pierre our friend https://www.madeincrete.com/ went for a 9km round walk which in the end became a hike!!

Me Susana did 2 trips with my e-bike.

Our goal is to find pleasant, not too difficult paths to a picnic place or a close-by winery.

Walking, hiking, cycling in Crete is always fun! Especially now after so many weeks in lockdown!!

We are most outdoors people and we love our island. We like to show our visitors the beautful landscape of Crete and where our products come from.

To understand nature the best way is IN it! Smell the herbs, hear the birds, feel the wind and see the vineyards and olive trees fields!

We had a fantastic day!

Let’s see what else is coming to our minds these days!!!


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