Organic winery in Peza wine region

A winemaker with a vision

As we are having a rather quiet summer this year, due to Covid 19, we are having the chance to visit some of the producers, whose products are sold in Bakaliko. The first one we visited was Giannis Stilianou from Stilianou winery

Stilianou winery is a small winery located on the outskirts of Kounavi, a small village at the heart of Peza wine region. It was established in 2003 by Giannis Stilianou who is the fourth generation of the family that produces wine (from 1922) and is totally focused on organic farming, a method he preferred even before the winery’s establishment.

2,8 acres of vineyards and 2 acres of olive tree fields is the area that gives its goods to Giannis to produce 18000-20000 bottles of wine and 1,5 tonnes of olive oil.

The grape varieties he farms are solely Cretan. Vidiano, Vilana and Thrapsathiri for his white wine. Kotsifali and Mantilari for his rose and red wine. A dessert wine from Kotsifali completes the range of his wines.

His philosophy on wine making is the production of a high quality grapes with organic farming and the least interruption during the process. This is more obvious the last two years with 2 new labels, one white and one red, which are produced naturelly! His vision is to make Crete the first green island all around the world where all the products of the island will be produced with organic farming!

His wines are unique at character and because the quantity is limited they are very exclussive. You can find them at the winery or in selected places around the globe.

Bakaliko is very proud to be able to sell Giannis wines worldwide

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